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21st Century Developer Global Academy 1

     Global Academy 1 is the advanced LMS systems developer and consulting experts in the adoption and development of totally immersive student learning - Offering the future for all education K-12 onto undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral  degree studies with specialized skills acquisition programs for government, industry, for profit and nonprofit institutions. 

     As a division of the online international education Pioneer in higher education, Global Academy (Online), the specialized division is also recognized internationally as the founder and developer of the cutting edge Education technology known as the University of One V/Classroom, a VR/AR Immersive platform adaptable to all levels of education from K-12 to Post Graduate and every skills training model in-between.

     Offering certified training to faculty in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality systems, Global Academy1 awards development certification, the only certifying Mixed Reality certification recognized today.

     Existing skilled and professional trainers, teachers, and college faculty will find the VR/AR certified training invaluable as they in turn will be recognize to teach educators within their sponsoring institutions and promote peer professionals and co-workers as candidates for certification and recognition as certified practitioners.

     Certified training ensures participants from adopting institutions have the right curriculum and marketing mix that fits  an adopting school's particular needs to survive and succeed well into the future - Immersive reality education brought to students with the University of  One V/Classroom.